How we do it

Our Model for Exponential Growth

Applying our unique methodology and utilizing our existing vast global network, Future Trends delivers acceleration and exponential growth by multiplying an entity’s current success in a certain limited market into a much wider global market via a parallel, systematic, and faster process.

We operate in the following stages as one unified process:

  1. We are invited in as the managing partner within the entity in charge of growth, and are offered a combination of shares, plus a budget to run the dedicated teams and operate the global growth program.
  2. We co-design an accelerated global growth strategy and program (usually a 3-5 year plan) and begin implementing it.
  3. We create within the entity the Global Growth Group, the engine that runs and ensures the multiplication and exponential growth, which we operate and manage via the dedicated teams we bring in, whereby we integrate the entity into our vast worldwide resources and ready-in-place network, primarily for building it’s global sales and distribution system.  In essence, we implement the growth from inside the entity while bringing in the external resources, know how, and processes in-house, thus empowering the entity’s own capacity for perpetual growth.
  4. Simultaneously, from the outset, we also start the process for ongoing capital raising and the larger financial play for the entity.

Qualities of the Best Match Entities

The entities that can best benefit from our program are those that have a combination of the following:

  • Unique products or services that have proven market demand and attraction.
  • The company itself is scale-able globally and has a desire to do so, and whose success is repeatable.
  • Visionary founders and management teams who think beyond a linear process.
  • Products, technologies, or services that have a relatively shorter sales cycle and a higher profit margin.

Partnership Engagement Process

The beneficiary entities engage and partner with Future Trends through the following process:

  1. Entities review and understand the full scope of our capabilities and global system, and see the benefits and rewards of engaging us as catalysts and partners for growth.
  2. We meet to understand the full potential of the entity and whether Future Trends would be valuable to them at the current stage of their growth – whether we are the ‘right-fit’ and given the entity can allocate the right resources.
  3. A full due diligence of both sides takes place. On our part we provide all necessary documents, references, and proofs of past transactions to back our claims.
  4. After understanding the entity trajectory and its dedicated contributions to its own growth plan within our program, we state in what areas, how exactly and by what staged process, and within what reasonable time frame we will be able to utilize our resources and financial partners.
  5. Together with the entity we analyze the financial and human resources needed from the entity to dedicate to the growth program to achieve the ambitious yet reasonably achievable goals.
  6. The entity indicates its approved budget and dedicated funds to this global growth program, for which the size, functions, and mandate is collectively designed.
  7. Documentation is signed, budget activated, and work begins.

To get started, kindly send us via email a letter of intent, or initial inquiry.