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Future Trends has been an influential entity in the Greater China Region, the Middle East, the West, Africa, Central Asia, and other regions globally.

The influence of Future Trends has focused around major national policy changes, strategic co-operation, regional peace and prosperity, financial flows, business trends, cultural initiatives, and leadership of thought, for over three decades. Below are some glimpses of our work and influence, which only amount to a small fraction of our actual worldwide scope and coverage.


Diaoyutai State Guesthouse (stock photo)

Before the New Millenium and at the turn of the century, Future Trends organized at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the largest and highest-level ever Bridge Competition in the entire history of China (video), attended by nearly 200 of China’s national and state leaders, ministers and above. During the session, they were handed the proposal of “China Peace,” written by Farzam Kamalabadi. The event included the leadership’s recognition and celebration of Farzam Kamalabadi’s “outstanding contributions” to the Chinese economy and culture.

Attendees included:
Deng Xiaoping’s Chief of Staff, General Zhang Baozhong
The son of Deng Xiaoping, Deng Pufang
The daughter of Deng Xiaoping, Deng Nan
The Minister of Finance, Xiang Huaicheng
The Minister of Education, Chen Zhili
Assistant to Premier Zhu Rongji, Li Wei
Wife of Premier Zhu Rongji
The Chairman of National People’s Congress
State Counsellors
State Legislators
State Economy & Planning Policy Makers
Ministers & Deputy Ministers

This was and still remains the only case in the History of China that a foreign figure has organized such collection of State leaders of China in one space.

Via this and similar venues and highest calibre access channels, Farzam Kamalabadi, in over three decades, has shaped and influenced several key China directional policies and trends such as China Peaceful Rise, China Harmonious Society, China Outbound Investments Drive, The New Silk Road, Revival of Chinese Civilization, Shared Destiny of Humanity, among other key state policies, drives, and initiatives.

The first and only case in China’s history that a foreign figure’s written proposals of major directional policy changes have been signed, sealed, approved, and endorsed by the President, the Premier, and other national leaders collectively; then adopted and implemented, creating a series of far-reaching major national policies;

View this “classified” document’s details

Vice President of China and Chairman of People’s Congress, China’s Number 3 National Leader, Mr. Zhang De Jiang, Collecting Farzam Kamalabadi’s Chinese and Persian Calligraphy; Text reads: Precious Peace

China Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tang Jia Xuan; Chairman of China People’s Friendship Association, Madam Li Xiaolin; (behind corner), Yang Jie Chi, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs after Tang Jia Xuan and now the highest-ranking officer next to the President Xi Jin Ping on all his international travels. All are signatories on the classified document of ‘China Peace’ proposal by Farzam Kamalabadi

China’s Minister of State Council for Information, who had been a close friend and supporter of Farzam Kamalabadi since earlier times while serving as the Mayor of Pudong, Shanghai

“We are very much appreciative of your long-standing efforts towards China’s opening-up and friendly international cooperation. We also hope that you will ever continue your active and positive role in China’s opening-up and development.” –Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Finance of China, Xiang Huai Cheng, who approved Future Trends’ US Ex-Im Bank sovereign debt deal for the DASIBI Corporation, which provided air pollution solution for 56 Chinese cities

Minister of Education of China, Madam Chen Zhi Li, who enthusiastically presented Farzam Kamalabadi’s China Peace Proposal to President Jiang Zimin of China, and, who personally supported and implemented the proposal by creating the Confucius Institute system, now running in over 1000 locations globally

China Minister of Commerce, Gao Hucheng, in the presence of China Premier stated that China has lately and finally adopted Farzam Kamalabadi’s early strategy of shifting away from being the manufacturing capital of the world to the service industry

“The Most Influential Foreign Figure in China” – credited by China Daily & other Chinese State media networks; A sampling of the press in major Chinese and Arabian media outlets.

View Shenyang Daily’s full article translation 

Zong Qing Hou, Chairman of Wahaha Group, China’s fortune list number one wealthiest entrepreneur rated over the years; long-standing cooperative partner of Future Trends


United States President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on separate occasions meeting with Future Trends Chairman and core leadership team.

President Joe Biden listens carefully to the explanations of Farzam Kamalabadi on his Chinese calligraphy gift “Divine Civilization”, written in both classic Han Chinese characters and ancient hieroglyphic script.

Future Trends delegation visiting Janet Yellen at her White House Offices. Yellen was Chairman of Federal Reserve and Chairman of Council of Economic Advisors of the President of USA. She is now the newly appointed Treasury Secretary in the Biden Administration.

With Henry Alfred Kissinger, ex- United States Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under the presidential administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

US Chief of Protocol of the White House, Mary Mel French, at the Chinese official gift-giving of the Statue of Confucius as part of the movement of China Peace organized by Future Trends which lead to the stated policy of China’s Peaceful Rise

US Secretary of Commerce, William M. Daley at the China Great Hall of the People during the signing ceremony organized by Future Trends; US Ex-Im Bank sovereign soft loan to China for air pollution solutions of USA’s DASIBI Corporation (Photo with DASIBI Chairman Al Gosselin in front of the Great Hall of the People after the signing ceremony)

US Secretary of Commerce, Don Evans

Rashid Chaudhry,  Chairman of Finance Committee of National Democratic Party of USA and close ally of the Clintons & Obamas; also Advisor to Future Trends

The reception of US President Bill Clinton by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

US Ambassador Joseph Prueher & Mayor of Shanghai, Xu Kuang Di

Harvey Kreugger, Chairman of Finance Committee, under mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York City & founder of Israel’s Stock Market; a close ally of Future Trends who recommended Future Trends to top financial figures of US & Israel

Farzam Kamalabadi and Jimmy Rogers at China CCTV’s 1st Finance Forum

Richard Caruso, founder of Integra LifeSciences; a global expert in regenerative medicine

Mayor of Beverly Hills, Jimmy Delshad

Mayor of Hartford Connecticut; Future Trends USA team

A sampling of local and state-level government endorsements and recognitions in the United States – State of Connecticut; City of Charlotte; City of New Haven, Town of South Windsor

Farzam Kamalabadi’s history-making initiative in the 80s, bringing the Native American tribal leaders to China, the first-ever return in modern times after the legend of 10-thousand-year old migration of the Native Americans from China and Mongolia across the Bering Strait into North America; thereby fulfilling the prophecies of completing the Circle of Unity recorded by various Native American tribes and traditions.

Above, Lakota tribal leader Kevin Locke in China, 1989, performing at the National Day for Guangdong Provincial Leaders, Chongqing’s historic ‘Three Celebrations’ among the hundred thousand audiences, and the Provincial Government of Gui Zhou minority tribal villages


United Arab Emirates (UAE)

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, invited Farzam Kamalabadi, President of Future Trends, as one of the “50 Most Influential Global Personalities” to the prestigious World Cup Horse Racing Annual Event

His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan,  Uncle of Sheikh of Abu Dhabi, President of UAE, current Minister of State for Tolerance; former Minister of Culture and Minister for Knowledge Development, with Farzam Kamalabadi

His Excellency Sheikh Salem Al Saedi, Chief of Protocol (Minister level) & the right-hand man of founding-president of UAE & Ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed. For some 50 years, he has received the head of states of all countries for several generations of leadership. He is a close ally of Future Trends

Dubai Government Dubai Investment Development Agency appointment of Future Trends as their global partner

Dr Jamal Sanad Al-Swaidi, Chief Strategist & Head of Think Tank to the President & to Crown Prince of UAE & Abu Dhabi; Director-General of  Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR)

Mayor of Dubai Hussain Lootah Reception of Mayor of Jinan, Shandong Provincial Capital; with Future Trends organizing the meeting and creating a partnership

With Royal families of various emirates of UAE: Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman

Reception for Future Trends at the Palace of the Ruler of Al Ain, with Abu Dhabi & UAE officials present.  Also present are the country’s think tank and China’s topmost private think tank group as guests of Future Trends

Future Trends organizing the Leaders of Central Bank of UAE / Abu Dhabi & Beijing Municipal Government Finance Bureau Chairman or Party Secretary, Huo Xue Wen, & team who supervise Beijing’s 700 financial institutions under their management, totalling seven trillion USD in assets.

President & leaders of Dubai International Financial Center; separately, the Dubai Nasdaq CEO & Team

Saeed Bin Ahmed Al-Lootah, the founding father of the Islamic Banking system in the world; Chairman and founder of SS Lootah Group, among UAE’s Top 10 family houses

Chairman of Bin Ham Group. Foremost wealthy businessman of Al Ain and among top 10 in UAE, also a member of UAE National Consultative Council

Soud Ba’lawy, former chairman of Dubai Holdings and now partner with Future Trends in Enspire Group

Deputy Chairman of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce with Chairman of American Chamber of Commerce of China as organized by Future Trends

Stuart Wrigley, founding member of Goldman Sachs Middle East, who co-operated with Future Trends in the ICBC deal via Kuwait Investment Authority as lead investor and Qatar Investment Authority and others jointing in as club investment 

Thomas Hudson, founder of British Polo Day & CEO of one of the companies of the Ruler of Dubai

With Chief Executive of Abu Zhabi Stock Exchange, and Abu Zhabi Securities

Vice Chairman & President of Emirates National Bank of Dubai

CEO and officials of World Expo 2020 Dubai receive President and team of Future Trends for consultation and planning

Abu Dhabi Conference attended by national leaders of UAE collectively

Dubai Minister of Sports & Team, with Future Trends, hosting China’s most famous global entrepreneur, chairman of Huawei Group, Ren Zhenfei

Dubai Minister of Culture, and Chairman of Calligraphers Association of UAE’s formal reception of Future Trends’ Delegation, receiving the gift of the calligraphy of Farzam Kamalabadi in Chinese & Persian

Director-General and the team of the Dubai Government IT Council (the equivalent of Ministry of IT of Dubai)

Future Trends signing ceremony of a cooperative partnership with UTS of Abu Dhabi for oilfield services

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s top Royal Family, His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz, partner of Future Trends, Chairman of Tanal Holding Corporation; and his son His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz, a direct line from the founding Kings of Saudi, King Abdul Aziz and King Saud

His Royal Highness Prince Turki Al Faisal, influential core member of the royal family of Saudi Arabia at National Council on US-Arab Relations

Sheikh Zaki Yamani, the Minister of Petroleum of Saudia Arabia for the first 25 years of the Ministry; the world’s number one prominent personality in the oil and energy sector; Founder of OPEC

Farzam Kamalabadi, a special invited foreign guest at a special celebration of Royal Family & all princes of Saudi Arabia, with His Royal Highness Prince Talal

His Royal Highness, Prince Turki bin Muhammed Nasser Al Saud, also the Director-General of the Ministry of Commerce in charge of all foreign corporations and international co-operation; Meetings in Saudi, Meetings in UAE, and a special visit to the USA by Future Trends US A-Team

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Science & Technology, Muhammed bin Ibrahim Al-Suwaiyel

Farzam Kamalabadi’s reception at the house of Chairman of Zamil Group, Abdelaziz Zamil, Saudi Arabia’s topmost enterprise & Iraj Kamalabadi’s reception by the Chairman on a separate occasion

Saudi’s leading corporation the Zamil Group headquarters and visit with the Vice Chairman, Osama bin Abdelaziz Zamil, with the delegation of client-partner of Future Trends Wind Vision of Belgium

Chairman Mohammed Balla & team of National Technology Group (NTG) of Saudi Arabia; partner of Future Trends in a number of ventures

Royal Family of Saudi Arabia

The State of Qatar 


Dr. Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Deputy Prime Minister of Qatar & Minister of Oil and Gas; the world’s number one prominent personality in the gas sector; close friend of Future Trends over a decade

Dr. Hussain Abdulla, Board Executive & CEO of Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) of Qatar; also Chairman of Rayan Bank. QIA participated as a key investor in the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, the opportunity which Future Trends brought to KIA & QIA


Group CEO of Doha Bank, Qatar, Dr. Raghavan Seetharaman, at the Bank’s headquarters; Farzam Kamalabadi, as guest of honour, delivering the keynote address to a large audience of the bank’s top management

The State of Kuwait

Madam Sheikha Awrad bint Jaber Al Sabah, daughter of late Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber; Madam Awrad and her other Royal Family members are close allies, family friends, and partners of President of Future Trends, Farzam Kamalabadi

With Mr. Farouk A Bastaki, President of Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA)

Mr. Farouk A. Bastaki was appointed on the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) on April 2017. Effective April 23, 2017, Mr. Bastaki was elected as the Managing Director (the Group Chief Executive Officer). He is also the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of KIA.

The Sovereign Wealth Fund of Kuwait, Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), Kuwait Investment Office (KIO) London Headquarters; visiting KIO President, Osama Al Ayoub President of KIO, and KIO Vice President; Kuwait Investment Authority was the lead investor in the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, the opportunity which Future Trends brought to KIA & QIA

Guild Hall London, 60th anniversary of the formation of the world’s first Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF), Kuwait’s Future Generation Fund, Kuwait Investment Authority’s Kuwait Investment Office (KIO) in London; attendees included the Prime Minister of Kuwait, Mayor of London, President of KIA & KIO, as well as several hundreds of the world’s largest capital owners and managers, totaling 10-20% of the world’s capital, all gathered in one room

Future Trends hosts Kuwait Royal Family visiting Shanghai at the historic founding site of China’s first Communist Party Congress

Madam Fawzia Mubarak Al-Hassawi, foremost woman entrepreneur of Kuwait; Mr Mubarak Al-Hassawi, Madam Fawzia Al-Hassawi’s eldest son

Asaad Al Saad, CEO of Petrochemical Industrial Company (PIC) & Chairman of Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)


Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) / Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) Mandate Letter to Future Trends

The Kingdom of Bahrain

His Excellency Ali Al Khalifa, core royal family of Bahrain and Chief of Protocol

Lt. Gen. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Khalifa, Chairman of Supreme Council of Health of Bahrain (Royal Family); Ebrahim Al Nawakhta, Secretary General of Supreme Council of Health of Bahrain

Director General (Mayor) of Kingdom of Bahrain Capital Secretariat, Mohammad Ahmad Sultan Al-Khalifa (Royal Family of Bahrain)

Muhammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Khalifa, Royal Family of Bahrain

Bahrain’s Minister of Petroleum and Chairman of the National Tender Board, Dr. Abdul Hussain Mirza

Khalid Kanoo, Chairman of the House of Kanoo, Bahrain’s leading entrepreneur; Bahrain’s Senior Ambassador, Karim Al Shakar

Khalid Al Zayani, chairman of Al Zayani Investments, founder of the concept and practice of Private Equity (PE) in the world, who in the 80s bought, restructured, revamped, and sold back several global brand corporations such as Armani, Gucci, Tiffany and Sachs Fifth Avenue; Founder of Investcorp fund; chairman of several banks; also close ally and partner of Future Trends for nearly two decades

Hamed Al Zayani & Nawaf Al Zayani, brother and son of Khalid Al Zayani; Hamed served as the chairman of Al Zayani Investments after Khalid, and Nawaf is the current chairman of the Al Zayani Investments

Jalil Ansari, chairman of a leading private family house and chairman of the private investors community of Bahrain

Chairman of a leading family house of Bahrain, Ahmad Jawaheri

Chairman of a leading family house of Bahrain, Mohammad Al Fardan, signing strategic partnership with Future Trends

Chairman of a leading family house of Bahrain, Fareed Bader; president of Rotary Club of Bahrain for several terms

Abul Rahman Naqi, Secretary General of GCC Federation of Chambers of Commerce

Farzam Kamalabadi, specially invited guest of the Prominent Think Tank IISS delivers keynote strategy report in Bahrain

“The Flame of Love & Unity Foundation” of Bahrain where Farzam Kamalabadi serves as the Honorary Chairman

Hassan Amin Jafar, CEO of Bahrain Islamic Bank

The Sultanate of Oman

His Excellency Sheikh Salem bin Mustahail Al Mashani, maternal cousin of the Sultan of Oman and Minister of Personal Affairs of the Sultan at the Royal Court of Dewan, Chairman of Muscat Overseas Group

Oman Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Yusuf Alawi, who signed Farzam Kamalabadi’s life-term appointment by the Sultan of Oman His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’ edict as ‘Honorary Consul to the Sultanate of Oman’.  Farzam Kamalabadi is the person who master-minded the positive peace accord and co-operation  agreement, named Barjam, between US/Europe and Iran; via the Sultanate of Oman as positioned and arranged by Kamalabadi between 2008 to 2012

His Excellency Maqbool Ali Sultan, Minister of Commerce, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of OCIPED, Chairman of Oman Oil and Chairman of Public Establishment of Industrial Estates (Industrial Development Zone) of Oman, with the various official mandates and appointments of Future Trends

Future Trends organizing visits of numerous Chinese delegations with Minister of National Economy (Minister of Finance) of Oman

Future Trends organizing various cooperation for Chinese delegations with the Minister of Petroleum of Oman; Minister Mohammad Al Rumhi and Undersecretary, Zaid Al Siyabi

His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Al Salmi, Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowment Funds of Oman

His Excellencies Malek Al Muamery and Al Harthy, two consecutive Ministers of Transportation of Oman

Between 2001 to 2007, Future Trends brought two third of the cabinet of Oman to China, organized the State visit of Deputy Prime Minister (Prime Minister level) Sayyid Fahad and 130 state leaders, organized for most-favored tourism destination rights, created 20 joint ventures and numerous trading deals, and multiplied the two countries’ trade volume by 18 times, an increase from $600 mm USD to $11 Bn USD – to name a few among a host of other first-ever rights and transactions as a building block and cornerstone creating the New Silk Road Strategy which later became China’s major State policy 

Ambassadors of all six Gulf States (GCC countries) visiting the Shanghai headquarter offices of Future Trends; above being one among the numerous visits


Yousef Shahad, Prime Minister of Tunisia with President of Future Trends

Former Prime Minister of Tunisia Mihdi Jumaa & delegation visiting Future Trends headquarters in Beijing, China

Various Ministers and leaders of Tunisia receiving Future Trends’ President & teams on various occasions: Chief Economic Advisor to President & Prime Minister of Tunisia, M R B Misbah; Minister of Health, Dr. Samira Merai Friaa; Head of the Chief of Government’s Office, Madam Nejia Gharbi 

Tunisia’s leading and wealthiest entrepreneur

Future Trends’ Director, Mohamed Jarraya, & delegation sign important strategic partnership with the President of the Nation & the Cabinet Minister of Central African Republic

Official letter from the President of Central Africa to Future Trends

President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh, hosts Future Trends’ Director for Africa, Adel Al Bakri

Delegation headed by the son of new President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, visiting the President of Future Trends in Dubai in appreciation of Farzam Kamalabadi’s decisive role in ensuring the peaceful zero-bullet and bloodless transition of power in Zimbabwe in Nov 2017, the first ever in Africa’s history

Madam Sheikha Fatma, top wealth owner of Africa

Dahir Riyale Kahin, President of Somaliland 

Official Mandates from two consecutive Presidents of Somaliland to Future Trends; National Parliament of Somaliland’s official plenipotentiary Mandate to Future Trends

Strategizing the Presidential Private Initiative of Uganda

Minister of Economy of Zambia

Minister of Economy of Cameron


Mayor of Jyväskylä, Finland; partners of Future Trends in Finland; national media clippings introducing Future Trends President elaborately  

Etienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister; Minister of Defense, Minister of Economy, Minister of Internal Security of Luxembourg

President of the world’s topmost prestigious art institution, Salone De ‘Autumne of Paris, visiting the exhibition of Farzam Kamalabadi’s Chinese script and ancient hieroglyphic calligraphy, the only type of its kind in the world

India Minister of Labour and Human Resources; Farzam Kamalabadi’s Chinese calligraphy gift reads: To Serve the World of Humanity

Minister of Health and Family Welfare, India

Madam Rita Sen, granddaughter of Ashouk Sen; influential aristocrat family of India, and close influential person to both Prime Minister Modi and the then President Pranab Mukherjee; important strategic visits to China before the election of the Prime Minister Modi and meetings with Weng Yongxi, China’s first think tank advisor to President Xi Jinping, resulting in Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi being the first official globally to pay formal visit to Prime Minister Modi during his first week in office   

Chinese Delegation presenting Statue of Peace to the City of Haifa, and also to the President of Israel, Sharon Perez. This initiative was based on Farzam Kamalabadi’s earlier proposal to China State leaders, which was endorsed by President Jiang Zemin and Premier Zhu Rongji. Vice Mayor of Haifa, Madam Hedva Almog was among the receiving officials on the Israeli side